Halfway Point of my Remote Year Experience!

So I am writing this post in between my 45 minute intervals of visiting the restroom.   I should probably consider myself lucky this is my first bout with food poisoning (on this trip) but BOY did I forget how severely this ruins everything and makes you super weak. Apologies in advance if the blog is scattered.

Needless to say, I have made it to my halfway point and I can honestly say this has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life.  I have seen and done some things that I will remember for the rest of my life. I have surfed in Portugual, rode camels in the Sahara, hiked the Alps and Vitosha mountains, haggled with vendors in Vietnam & Morocco, finished up my diving certification in Thailand, visited imperial palaces in South Korea, and seen countless beautiful sites, sunsets, and wonders of this beautiful world.

Everyone who has the chance, should get out and travel more b/c this world is a beautiful & diverse place.

Still in disbelief I saw all of the above in the last 6 months 🙂


It hasn’t all been easy though.  Getting into a good sleep/work routine has been tough (non-existent), especially as we navigate our way through Asia.  Being away for an extended period of time has caused relationships to be ruined, friendships have become strained, and I have missed some important family and friend life events.  The trust built up with loved ones has become weakened or broken. Some of this was expected, other things unfortunately not so much.  On the flip side, I have also gained life-long new friends and have had close friends & family reach out even more so with the added distance.  I appreciate this more than they will ever know.

The nice thing about being abroad is seeing a different perspective on things.  I have gained a newfound appreciation for other folks viewpoints and opinions.  Our group has been abroad for some major events over the last 6 months such as Brexit, multiple terrorist attacks around the world, the U.S Presidential election, Pulse nightclub shooting, the Stanley Cup Championship (Go Pens!), and other major events.  I have seen first hand how these events affect folks differently and what is typically news in the U.S. is not always news over here and vice versa.

All in all this experience has truly been a once-in-a-life time experience. I am keeping this post short and simple b/c I feel like crap.  Stay tuned to the blog and social media to keep up to date on future adventures and happenings!

My love/hate relationship with my masseuse in Phuket with Meghan (my favorite sister-in-law)


Some highlights of the last 6 months include:

  • Visited 12 countries
  • Traveled to 25 cities within those countries
  • Taken every mode of transportation possible: Airplane, Bus, Train, Ferry, Tram, Uber, Taxi, Tuk Tuk, UberMoto, subway, and camel(s)
  • Gained life long friends in my Remote Year Magellan travel group
  • Experienced brand new cultures, foods, customs, and traditions
  • Flown 4 intercontinental flights in a 4 week window (crazy!)
  • Got a fish pedicure (interesting)


I am off to Cambodia next week!  Keep commenting and reaching out. I cherish the conversations I have with each and everyone of you.

Thailand Sunset

Ha Long Bay



One thought on “Halfway Point of my Remote Year Experience!

  1. Lissette T. says:

    Wow! I am loving this. My sister and I had the chance to travel the world with Semester a true Sea and now I’m looking into a Remote Year experience. Wish me luck in making it happen. If you find free time, please email me to let me know more about it. Wishing you an amazing journey!


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