Sahara camel trek …so hot right now!

My #1 main goal for my weekend trips in Morocco was to do a camel trek in the Sahara.

Goal accomplished

And why not?  It is one of those true bucket list adventures and something I have always wanted to do.   Little did we know that the logistics of planning a trek like that during Morocco’s hottest month can be daunting. Continue reading


Morroco: The First [Big] Culture Shock

I was looking forward to Morocco for a while as I knew that it would be the first true cultural experience for the group, and at this point we had primarily been staying in well-developed European countries (Spain & Portugal).  Morocco would be different for many folks both in appearance, weather, language, and culture and it certainly did not disappoint!

View from our rooftop

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Explore and get insight from friends & locals! 

Sorry for delayed post!  It has been a busy few weeks and transitioning to a new continent can be tough with many new things to worry about (connectivity, ATM withdrawals, local customs, cultural changes) but will update that in a future post.

My goal of the blog is to lay out some details for future travelers who plan on visiting Portugal.  Hopefully this will help with travel plans for many of my friends in the future!
As I leave Lisbon, Portugal, I can’t help but cherish the memories made so far and the beautiful sites and towns I have got to witness firsthand. I also know I probably missed out on a lot too by thankfully I have a feeling I will be back.

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Perusing Portugal 

It’s been a while since I updated blog so here is an update of the last 2 weeks.
Quick synopsis: Lisbon is a beautiful City!

It is a combination of San Francisco (think trams, hills, and golden gate bridge twins) and Miami (coastal weather and beachy feel). The old town is beautiful and preserved as Portugal was the only main country not bombed or damaged in World World 2.

We are staying just outside the main city so though we are not within walking distance of all the cafes, sites, & views,we are in a quiet area that allows us to get work done.

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Community is Key

We are winding down on my first full month working abroad in Valencia and it has been a whirlwind of activities, emotions, stress, balance, and friendships.


It is hard to explain everything I have felt in this first month but a few buzzwords are below.  These experiences & emotions will only help your personal growth in the long term so it is nice to work through them with others. Continue reading

Not all travel stories are great…[real time]

Picture this: 4 friends crammed into a 2 door vehicle  driving back from Barcelona to Valencia (3.5 hours).  Mediterranean on our left. Castles and quaint towns on our right.  My life flashing in front of my eyes.

(disclaimer: Spain does not have Uber so they have this service called Bla Bla car which allows you to choose drivers going from city to city. I DO NOT RECOMMEND).

Fairly normal except that the driver speaks minimal English. Less English than I probably know Spanish.  He did however correlate my “nombre” to Kobe Bryant so I guess that’s a win.

But wait it gets better. Let me paint a better picture for you though:  Continue reading

Adjusting to that Spanish lifestyle

We are coming up to almost 2 full weeks working here in Valencia, Spain and it has been great!  I could not have asked for a better group of smart, hardworking, diverse, and entertaining digital nomads to travel with over the next year.

IMG_0242  IMG_0184

Not to mention VALENCIA is beautiful!  It is super walkable (more so than DC) and the architecture on every corner is fantastic.  I’ve felt very safe here and have even been able to navigate home on bikes at 3am after a few adult beverages.  I highly recommend adding this to your list if you are planning a visit to Spain. Continue reading