Memo to Europe: Smoking is not cool anymore [rant]

I have been slacking on the blog updates (Sorry! Life is currently chaotic & a blur) but here is a quick update while waiting for next flight!

Today mark’s my last last day in Europe (currently Belgrade, Serbia).  It has been an adventurous 5 months that have taken me from the rocky beaches of Portugal to the hot Saharan desert in Morocco.   I have seen and done some amazing things over the last few months but the one annoying thing, that became highlighted in Belgrade, was how common and normal smoking was in every day European life.  It wasn’t just outdoors t0o. Belgrade, in particular, encouraged smoking in almost 90% of the restaurants, bars, and cafes. Bleh.

The passenger next to me for an 11 hour flight

It was an immediate turn-off for most folks in our group and we quickly overtook the few places that either banned smoking OR had non-smoking sections.  Coming from Washington, DC where is it frowned upon in all walks-of-life, it was disappointing to see it as common as we did.   Not to mention that the smoke smells lingers in our clothing forever. BLEH.   Anyways that was my biggest pet peeve of Europe.
Check out below for some of my favorites of the last 5 months!

Favorite Country (so far): Portugal

Favorite Food: Doner Kabob (Valencia had the best)

Best Airbnb: Mykonos

Cheapest Country: Bulgaria Continue reading